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"These remedies work, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of higher nature, in the presence of which dis-ease melts as snow in the sunshine"   ~Dr. Edward Bach

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Q: What is Bach flower essence therapy?

A: The Bach Foundation was created by Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned bacteriologist, pathologist, homeopath, surgeon, and immunologist, in the 1920s. His global system is used in over 66 countries worldwide and is comprised of 38 unique flower essences, each one of them corresponding to a specific emotional state the human mind is capable of experiencing.  Each flower essence holds a unique energetic imprint.  All plants carry vibrational energy patterns, and it is said that flowers are the pinnacle of this energy.  If experiencing emotional disharmony, these flower essences will gently cast out the negative emotions, allowing the individual to return to an emotionally balanced state simply through the oral use of these gentle drops.  Bach Flower Therapy is a holistic/complimentary approach to emotional, behavioral, and mental health.


Q: What are flower essences?

A: Flower essences are merely water that has had a unique flower’s vibrational “instructions” infused into it.  This happens by way of live flowers being placed into a bowl of water and allowing direct sunlight to shine directly on this bowl for a certain period of time. After, every part of the flower is removed, only leaving the water behind.  This water is the flower “essence”.  Each of the 38 unique flowers Dr. Bach carefully selected offers their own unique energetic healing information.  They are sold individually in stock bottles that typically contain an alcohol preservative.  From these stock bottles, treatment bottles are made by mixing 2 drops of the stock bottle into 30ml of spring water.  Therefore, the alcohol content in the treatment bottles is negligible.  Several essences can also be mixed into one treatment bottle (so 2 drops of each stock bottle), but I never recommend over 5 essences together.


Q: Vibrational Level? Frequency? What does this all mean?

A: It is vital to recognize that EVERYTHING is energy.  Science, through Quantum Physics, is allowing us to understand that everything in our universe is energy.  When we look at a sub-atomic level, we do not find matter.  Instead, what we find is pure energy. EVERYTHING vibrates…all at different speeds. Everything has its own vibrational frequency.  You probably already know that everything is made up of atoms.  These atoms are in a constant state of motion.  Depending on the speed of these atoms, things appear as solids, liquids, or gases.  There is no true solidity in the universe.  A form that appears as a solid is actually created by an underlying vibration.  Vibrations express themselves in corresponding geometrical formations.  The markings on turtle shells, the faces of flowers, and the patterns on snakeskin are just a few of the countless examples of this phenomena in nature. Nature speaks in a beautiful language of mathematics that rules the entirety of our visible and non-visible world. 

Q: Can Bach Flower Therapy also treat my physical symptoms? 

A: This therapy is designed to target negative emotions, behaviors, and states of mind.  Though there can be a few exceptions, for the most part, we do not base our essence recommendations off of physical symptoms alone.  We do, however, often see physical symptoms improve with this therapy! How can that be? Well, think of it this way.  Just as radio stations have to "tune in" to specific energy frequencies for clear broadcasting, so does each organ in our bodies.  When we are healthy, we are "in tune" and dis-ease free.  However, when an area of the body is not "in tune", dis-ease results.  The mind and emotions are almost always the first giveaway that dis-ease is present BEFORE physical symptoms start to arise. So, this form of therapy CAN be considered as a preventative of many eventual physical diseases, and it can sometimes greatly improve existing physical symptoms (though they are not being targeted).  For the most part, we can only match these flower essences to specific emotional and mental states.  Therefore, we focus on the emotional/mental state only when selecting appropriate Bach flower essences.


Q: So, Bach Flower Essences are NOT essential oils?

A: NO.  Flower essences are not essential oils at all.  In fact, they are significantly different.  Essential oils are derived from actual plant material.  Flower essences, on the other hand, are prepared by infusing the energetic information of the plant into water. Therefore, essential oils have a strong aroma, are incredibly potent and contain actual plant material.  Because of this, they should be used very carefully.  Flower essences have NO aroma, contain no plant material, and taste just like water (without a preservative added).  They are safe for ANY age in any dosage (though we do have recommendations so you will not waste by over taking), and will never have any interactions with medications, etc.  Please do note though that the stock bottles of these essences are preserved in alcohol so be mindful of proper dilution when giving to children, animals, or anyone sensitive to alcohol. 

Q: Are there any side effects from Bach flower essences?

A: No side effects will ever arise from the flower essences themselves, as there is no actual physical plant material left in the prepared tincture. In general, flower essences are among the safest, most self-regulating natural health remedies available.  If the wrong flower essence is taken, it will simply do nothing.  I liken the way flower essences to work within us to be similar to how when a note is struck in an orchestra, it will be found that all strings and all brass instruments will vibrate to it which are tuned to notes in the common cord of the note struck.  That is, only the area(s) of the body that resonate with the given vibrational instructions will be influenced.  If the correct flower essence is taken and is needed, it will gently cast out the negative emotion it targets. It is important to note though that if you resist the changes within you and want to remain as you are, an unpleasant reaction/feeling of uneasiness can occur.  It is important to understand that flower essences will only make you a better version of yourself.  It will not change who you are as a person, and any changes that occur will only be helpful to you.



Also, an "awareness crisis" sometimes does occur.  This is caused by the flower essences bringing unconscious emotions and attitudes to the surface of awareness.  Since they were previously hidden or not totally acknowledged, these qualities seem more intense when brought to total consciousness.  I want to acknowledge that an "awareness crisis" is a REALLY good sign (although it doesn't happen to everyone) because it means the correct essences were selected and they are working their magic and revealing deeper emotional buried states.  Flower essences tend to get us to face things that we bury, rather than letting us continue to suppress or ignore the issues.  We call this the "onion effect".




Q: "The Onion Effect"?  What is that?

A: Just like onions have layers, so do our emotions.  When you take the correct flower essence(s) and the outer most surface emotional imbalance resolves, the next "layer of the onion" starts to show.  This would be our hidden or buried emotions.  After the first treatment bottle is finished that addresses the outer most emotion(s), you would next take a different flower essence mixture for the new surfacing emotions, only to reveal possible other buried layers of emotion. You would continue to take different flower essences for different surfacing emotions until the CORE emotional issue is revealed.  Adults tend to have many more "layers" than children.  Especially young children who may not even go through this "onion peeling" effect.  I offer follow-up consultations for anyone who feels they have a new "layer" to address after the previous consultation.




Q: If I have more than 1 emotional obstacle going on at once, am I able to address these negative emotions all together?

A: Yes!  Typically, people do have several negative emotional states going on at once.  I typically like to address one emotional "theme" at a time though, but I do often recommend mixing up to 5 different flower essences that I find accurately addresses the emotions surrounding this overriding "theme".  Once this emotional "theme" is addressed, I then recommend tackling the others that remain, one at a time.  At max, I recommend mixing 5 flower essences per treatment bottle.  Too many essences can muffle the “instructions”.



Q:  How/how often do I take my flower essences from my treatment bottle?

A:  Bach flower essences are taken orally.  I recommend simply taking at least 4 drops from the treatment bottle (make reference to what a treatment bottle is above) on or under the tongue, and waiting several seconds before swallowing.  This should be done AT LEAST 4 times per day (spread out throughout the day), making sure to take 1 dose first thing in the morning and 1 dose immediately before going to bed.  Spreading them out throughout the day is key.



Q: How long will I have to take the flower essences?

A:  Typically, a treatment bottle will last you 2-3 weeks. Short term passing emotions should fully resolve within this time frame.  Once an emotional issue has fully passed, you may stop taking the essence(s).  Long standing emotional issues may need long term treatment.  Also, as mentioned previously, you may heal an outer layer and a new emotional state pops up.  This would require a different essence treatment combination for this next layer, and so on.



Q: Can Bach flower essences address all emotional concerns?

A: The 38 flower essence Bach system is considered a complete system of healing. It addresses all emotional states the human mind can experience. However, every once in a while, even when selecting the "correct" essence(s), an emotional issue will not budge.  Though this is not the norm, this does occasionally happen.  This could be due to the client not being ready or truly wanting to let go of the emotional issue at hand, or it's just not the right time and/or there is a bigger purpose for that person to be experiencing that emotional state at that moment.  If this happens, I recommend taking a step back, reevaluating, and possibly starting up again at a later time.

Q: If allergies are a concern, do I need to worry about reacting to something in these essences?

A:  Bach flower essences contain no actual plant material.  All parts of the flower or plant used are removed, leaving behind only the energy (or “essence” of the plant).  The only thing you could react to allergically is the preservative used, which is either alcohol or organic vegetable glycerin depending on what you select.

Q: So, I can use these with my children?

A: Absolutely!  Children are my favorite to work with, and I actually specialize in working with them. Bach flower essences are incredibly effective for behavioral, emotional, and mental health concerns with children. They tend to respond beautifully to the flower essences. The treatment bottles come preserved in either organic alcohol or organic vegetable glycerin (non-alcohol and sweet tasting), the latter being what I recommend for children.

Q: Can I also use these essences with animals or plants?

A: Yes!  Bach flower essences have been used successfully on animals and plants of all types!  In my experience, they tend to respond beautifully to them!  I typically only use a hand full of essences on plants, as it is not possible for them to experience the complex states of being that humans can, BUT there are still several Bach flower essences that are incredibly helpful for plants (i.e. after moving and replanting, a plant can go into a "state of shock" sometimes and stop thriving).  I tend to use many more essences on animals than I do on plants. Though reading an animal's emotional state is often very different than how I go about matching humans up with essences, when selected appropriately they tend to have profound effects.


Q: Sounds great!  How do I select the correct flower essences?

A: Selecting the correct flower essences is really an art in itself. I highly recommend contacting me for a consultation. Knowing the different essences in and out from every angle, and knowing how to pair them together in the most effective ways, is what I have passionately worked toward for years!  You may find the consultation services I have to offer in the SERVICES section of this website.

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