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Behold, the future of medicine awaits...

My visionary e-book (Water Holds the Key) lays the foundation for the future of medicine (with emotional/mental health being the preventative focus) and brings light and healing vision to humanity with emphasis on WATER as the medium that holds this healing potential. Bach flower essence therapy is highlighted and groundbreaking experiments, that are the very first that allow us to visualize the actual energetic imprint of the Bach flowers in water by way of cymatics, are revealed for the very first time! It's accompanying e-photobook (Bach Flower Essence Cymatics) reveals cymatic images of the complete line of the 38 Bach flower essences, plus Dr. Bach's renowned Rescue Remedy!

After purchasing, please be patient as you are automatically redirected to the download page.  It should only take a few seconds. Enjoy!
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Downloadable PDF e-book     $20

Downloadable PDF e-photobook   $20

Bundle- Both Downloadable PDFs     $35

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