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Cherlyn Morrison
McKinney, TX

" I highly recommend a consultation with Mackenzie! My daughter's geometry teacher called yesterday. He said that he has seen DRASTIC changes in her in the past few weeks.  She is more focused, asking for help, and making better grades.  These essences seem to be working their magic! Also, I handed my son his regular vitamins tonight and he said, "These things don't work BUT I like those drops (Bach flower essences) you give me.  They make me feel happier."  Finally, last year there was a shooting at one of the schools in our city and it was very traumatizing for my daughter. Now, she panics during practice lockdowns, but she came home the day of a practice lockdown and told me she was oddly calm and did not react like she normally reacts.  She had no idea what I had given her, so I know it could not be a placebo effect.  I think these essences are going to be a game-changer in helping us naturally address emotions."


Holly Varsalona
New York, NY

" Mackenzie is such a patient practitioner and has such a passion for Bach flower essences and their healing capacity. Her personal experience with so much, and with the essences themselves, makes it easier to know and trust that these Bach flower remedies really do help so much and will be the right choice.  Mackenzie is flexible and always available to support you in anyway you need.  It is really comforting. My son is making quite a bit of progress since starting with Mackenzie. My son was previously unable to learn from his mistakes.  No amount of parenting and consequence for his actions would do much of anything.  He is really starting to take in, understand, and learn from his mistakes now.  He is maturing so much in that way.  He has a more stable outlook when taking these essences.  He is less in his head and more aware of what is going on around him, and more focused.  Mackenzie has helped shape this for my son by her personal and professional experience.  Most importantly, she absolutely loves what she does and it is very apparent.  My daughter is now beginning consulting with Mackenzie and I am excited to see how Mackenzie can help her as well."


Lora Brady
Undisclosed, UD

" Mackenzie Ticknor was so sweet to help me find a few options to try to help my second son with his nighttime fears. His fears have been SUPER intense lately and he has been absolutely terrified at bedtime. He's been so scared to the point where instead of waking my husband and I up for help, he'll go into the bathroom at 3:00 am and just read until the sun comes up. (We had no idea for a while that he was doing this!) Heartbreaking! The method Mackenzie suggested worked amazingly! He has been struggling for months with nighttime fear, and off and on for many years. Amazing, he has only needed the essences THREE TIMES over the past TWELVE nights!! Honestly, I am so surprised! We have tried many things for his nighttime fears and the past few months have been the worst I've seen them. We've FINALLY found something that helps him!! THANK YOU Mackenzie"

EDIT (2 MONTHS LATER): "The essences have completely gotten rid of my son's nighttime fears, thanks to you!! He's had severe fears at night for probably 6 years!"

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Cindy Y.
Ann Arbor, MI

"For over a year I was having vertigo symptoms which interrupted my sleep and left me feeling lousy a lot of the time.  I was unclear of the cause and no doctors seemed to know the answers.  What they were clear about was that it was not caused by ear infection.  The treatments they suggested were prescribed medications that made me sleepy, gave me brain fog, and/or upset my stomach.  I also tried several treatments of acupuncture which helped some, but not long term.  Then, I talked with Mackenzie.  It turns out that my vertigo symptoms were likely being caused by stress.  Now that's not something I care to admit, but when I started using the Bach flower essences she suggested, the vertigo symptoms all but disappeared. She also helped me to get rid of brain fog and restless sleep.  I am a full time student and spend most of my time in front of a computer screen or book.  The relief that I get from Bach flower essences has been a godsend.  When I talk with Mackenzie, she simply asks me a series of questions that get at the root of things and then makes her recommendations.  I've never been disappointed.  She has also found a way to help my husband with some feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.  We are so grateful for her knowledge and for using natural remedies to improve our lives."

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Windy Priliantinging
Chicago, IL

"I reached out to Mackenzie a year ago because my daughter has ADD and dyslexia.  As a parent, I didn't want my daughter to take medication and I'm willing to try alternative ways to help my daughter.  I had zero expectation when I reached out to Mackenzie.  I did the consultation with her and Mackenzie gave me five Bach flower recommendations.  My daughter was not able to make friends when she was in 1st grade.  She was not able to make conversation, stay focused on a single topic, speak clearly, or communicate with her peers.  Her progress report was just pretty much marked with inconsistent and serious problems.  I was literally on the edge of going crazy because I didn't know what to do to help my daughter.  God showed me a way and I was able to find hope with Mackenzie.  Now she's in 2nd grade, and let me tell you, Bach flower essences do work! My daughter's progress report is now marked with independent scores.  There are still some inconsistent, but 90% was marked as independent. She makes friends and she is able to keep conversations.  My daughter was just even able to perform and recite an entire presentation clearly and confidently, while staying completely on task, in front of her whole class.  If you ever feel discouraged or think that you don't have hope with your child(ren), please don't!  Give this a try and have faith! I am forever grateful for Bach flower essences.  And thank you Mackenzie for your recommendations. "


Natalie Jonas
Paramus, NJ

"I worked with Mackenzie after one of my best friends couldn't stop raving about the awesome effect the Bach tinctures had on her daughter that Mackenzie had suggested for her.  Mackenzie walked me through the process, explained all about the flower essences and how they work, and ultimately made killer combination suggestions for two of my kids.  One was struggling with fears and anxiety about past traumatic events and looming middle school, and one child needed help expressing herself and raising her confidence. Mackenzie's expertise yielded perfect formulas for both my kids.  Even my husband, who tends to be less holistic and open-minded about these things, told me to definitely keep up what we're doing.  Thank you so much, Mackenzie!! We are so grateful!"

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Randahl Palmer
Atlanta, GA

"Thank you, Mackenzie!  My 5 year old is finally emotionally adjusted to Kindergarten thanks to you and Bach flower essences.  She is still getting upset occasionally but is no longer having melt downs.  It took a couple of weeks, but the results are drastic! So grateful to have my happy little girl back! "


Etan Pomerantz
Paramus, NJ

"I am so grateful to have found these Bach tinctures for my daughter.  It has been simply AMAZING to see such a natural and subtle transformation, in just a few short weeks."


Joni Neal
Warsaw, IN

" I am so grateful that Mackenzie Ticknor  introduced me to Bach flower essences! In just a few short weeks, my 4 year old son has gone from having extreme fears and anger/violent fits to being much more tame and less fearful! Thank you so much Mackenzie!"

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Heather Gottlieb
Las Vegas, NV

" Thanks to Makenzie Ticknor, my 9 year old daughter is starting to enjoy life again. She has been dealing with anxiety of all sorts, OCD, and other types of imbalance. After our detailed consultation ...WHAT a difference! We started to see small changes pretty quickly. After about 8 weeks, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Her anxiety and other struggles are now very manageable, and in such a short period of time. My daughter Jaida has never been able to go to movie theaters without having an anxiety attack, and a couple of weeks ago asked on her own if we could give it a try now that she’s feeling better. We are now able to leave the house without her melting down and getting sick to her stomach. Her separation anxiety is already 75% better,  and bedtime is no longer a struggle. Her self confidence is coming back and her depression is no longer an issue. "


Julie A.
Seattle, WA

"I have been working with flower essences for many years, but when it comes to my son I always seem to get stuck with what to do for him. I had a session with Mackenzie and she came up with the most perfect flower remedies for him! Within a week his engagement at school and at home has been phenomenal. I seriously could not be happier. Thank you Mackenzie!


Kathy Monesmith
Bourbon, IN

" I was having a lot of sleeping issues, mostly just not being able to fall asleep.  I also had some very negative feelings towards a family member.  I consulted with Mackenzie whose questions made me really examine my feelings and then she made suggestions of flower essences that could help with those feelings.  Together, we narrowed it down to five essences we both felt addressed my issues.  I am now sleeping better, feeling more rested, and I'm not getting as irritated at my family member. Mackenzie was very helpful and insightful and continues to follow up with me.  I know I can talk to her at any time and she does not judge me. Her instructions are very easy to follow.  Thank you Mackenzie for your heart of helping others."

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Michelle T.
Undisclosed, IL

"I just wanted to share what a help flower essences have been for my son (ASD, PANS).  Mackenzie gives some specific recommendations to target rage and OCD, and it's made a big difference in his rage; contributing to wiping it out.  His OCD triggers are probably down 40%, but if the OCD is triggered, it isn't leading to rages!!! We've been religiously using them the past 2 months and plan on indefinitely!  Thanks again!"


Sonya S.
Sydney, AU

" Mrs. Mackenzie recommended some Bach flower remedies for my son, and in a few days they are already working! Less meltdowns and not resisting so much.  So glad I found her. She is always available and willing to help me.  Thank you!"


Crystal W.
Honesdale, PA

"I have been using the Bach flower essences that Mackenzie suggested for my son for about a week now.  We were having a problem with him communicating and in the past week, he has been talking a lot more! He still has some inability to focus, but we are seeing gradual changes in that as well! He is getting work done too! He got two 80s on quizzes and 100 on another! Good things take time, but this is definitely worth it."

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